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Havana and Haiti… is featured in Fresh Art International art podcast on Jolt Radio

Who is welcome in Little Haiti? All the world, it would seem. This week on Fresh Art International, we take you to the heart of Miami's Little Haiti and introduce you to artists, curators including writers who engage with the cultural complexity of this community. In studio: Marie Vickles, Carl Juste, and Lissette Mendez. Featured field recordings and audio tracks: Edouard Duval-Carrie, Tosha Grantham, Nina Angela Mercer and Edwige Danticat. Tune in for the re-podcast from 10-11am, Wed, Feb 28, on Press the PLAY button or download the app.

1st Annual Dave Barry Gift Guide Christmas Party

Iris PhotoCollective Studio 225 NE 59th St, Miami

Season's greetings from Santa Dave! He has painstakingly selected some of the best gifts for your frienemies and those individuals you could give a rat's a$$ about in 2017. They are the gifts that keep on giving laughs to infinity and beyond. Visit to see them all and pick...

Website Launch Party

Iris PhotoCollective Studio 225 NE 59th St, Miami

Cubans and Haitians have flooded into Florida for generations, creating in Miami their eponymous neighborhoods: Little Havana and Little Haiti. Unfortunately, Cubans and Haitians haven't often come together harmoniously. Photojournalist Carl-Philipe Juste, born in Haiti to parents with Cuban roots, has always known that Haitian and Cuban cultures have more...