Check Out Our Promo Video

Check Out Our Promo Video

Check out the promo video for the upcoming book, Havana and Haiti: Two Cultures, One Community. The website will be launched soon where you can pre-order your book and buy lithos, box sets, and prints. Engage with us and keep up to date with events, special promotions, and social engagements.

This investigation, a book and exhibit which has been more than 10 years in the making, began in 1992 when photojournalist Carl Juste found himself in Guantanamo, at a refugee camp. For the first time, Cubans and Haitians shared the same INS limbo, though the Cubans waited for transfer to mainland U.S., while the Haitians waited for repatriation to the hell they’d just tried to escape.

For Juste, a Haitian-born American who’d grown up in Miami, and who’s mom, Maria, had been born, and spent her childhood, in Santiago de Cuba — both spaces where the metaphorical borders of Cuba and Haiti melt into each other. This bicultural view gives him a unique — a whole — perspective few can boast. So with his eye pressed to the viewfinder that day in sweltering Guantanamo, he knew it was up to him to focus the lens on two of the most geopolitically contentious nations in the Caribbean. His goal? Finding, not just the places where Cubans and Haitians chafe against each other and American domestic and foreign policy, but the commonalities, the places where they layer each upon the other, transcending differences.

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